New phones are always getting faster. And so are the cellular networks. Your faster phones will now be able to gobble data at an alarming rate, and therefore, you should consider switching plans too. Carriers also run promotional plans that offer the latest phones at reasonable rates if you switch over to their network. So read on about how to carefully choose a plan that offers maximum value.

Network coverage wins

The plan is irrelevant if your carrier has a terrible network. So choose one with strong network coverage wherever you live. To find out which one is worthy, visit their websites and check out their coverage maps. You’ll then be able to see if they have cell towers around your home, along your commute and near where you work. But, if there are too many people on the network, the coverage will be pointless. Congestion will cause spotty service. So you should check with an independent tester. Also, ask your friends and neighbors who live in your area to offer suggestions.

Measure the data

How much data is enough? The truth is, no amount of data is enough for us. We don’t know how much we really consume, and yet, we always want more. We’re glued to our devices scrolling through social media, streaming videos, and sending texts. But everyone’s data consumption varies, and you should look at how much you consume on your carrier’s site or app and look up your data usage summary. Once you know, check how fast your new phone is on data. A faster device can consume more data.

Read the fine print

Carriers are known to offer perks to customers that include free international roaming, unlimited data, and more to switch to their network. But there’s more to these perks than meets the eye. T-Mobile, for example, offers a roaming cellular data connection in over 200 countries. But free roaming means slow wireless speeds and extra payment for faster internet access. Ideally, you should buy a foreign sim card to keep local; costs low. Unlimited data is also never really unlimited. Every ‘unlimited’ plan has a cap, a threshold that once crossed immediately results in slow data speeds until the monthly renewal.