Home security systems can amp up the security of your home and bring you peace of mind. But, selecting the right security system from the many available options can get extremely confusing. Read on for the top things to consider when shopping for a home security system.

Decide on Scale

Depending on the size of your home, you could choose an inexpensive DIY system or a large, professionally installed one. While DIY systems generally cover smaller areas, larger ones typically have plenty of additional security features. 

Set a Budget

It’s difficult to put a price tag on safety, but unless you’ve got unlimited funds, the cost is an important factor. Typically the price is directly linked to the number of security features the system delivers. When setting a budget, apart from initial purchase costs, you should also budget for monthly fees that some security companies charge.

Consider These Features

Chances are this is where you’ll spend the most amount of time deciding what’s right for your family and home. While some features operate within standalone systems, others require a connection to a phone line or functioning WiFi. Some popular security features include:

  • Motion sensors – These devices fitted around rooms activate an alarm if they detect movement.
  • Door/window/glass sensors – These sensors alert you when the door or window opens or glass breaks.
  • Fire and smoke alarms – When fitted, these systems can help avoid fire damage.
  • Doorbell cameras – With these devices, you’ll always know who is outside your door. Some doorbell cameras also come with a recording function and support two-way talk.
  • Nanny cameras – These discrete cameras allow you to remotely watch over your children’s room, caregivers, and nurseries. 
  • Panic pendant – Ideal for emergencies at home, these wearable devices have inbuilt SOS buttons.
  • Smart home integration – Some security systems work alongside your smart home devices to offer you the convenience of having all your home systems connected. 
  • Professional monitoring – For a monthly fee, certain security systems link to a dedicated call center that alerts the authorities if a breach is detected.

Once you know what you’re looking for, online comparison websites can help you narrow down your choices.