Room air conditioners are a great way to escape the sweltering heat of summer. With single-room units costing just a few hundred dollars, larger equipment that centrally cools the entire home could set you back a few thousand dollars. With the availability of a wide range of models boasting several impressive features, choosing the right one for your home could be a dizzying prospect. Read on for our tips on what to look for in an air conditioner.

Choose the Right Size

When picking an air conditioner, it is essential to select one that is capable of effective cooling. Cooling devices come with a BTU rating, which indicates the machine’s cooling capacity. While units with higher BTU ratings could cool faster, they tend to be less effective at reducing humidity in smaller rooms. Taking room size and other factors into consideration, online calculators can prove beneficial while deciding the size of the unit.

Weigh Purchase Cost with Energy Efficiency

Today’s air conditioners require an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) on the device. This rating indicates the amount of energy required by the equipment to deliver optimum cooling. For extreme efficiency, you should aim for a unit with an EER above 10. Keep in mind that higher EER devices typically cost more. So, while you’ll have a lower energy bill, you’ll end up shelling out extra initially.

Select Control Features

For complete comfort, look for units that offer multi-speed settings and adjustable cooling. Digital controls provide greater flexibility when it comes to precise cooling and setting timers. More expensive models also come with handy remotes that allow you to adjust settings easily from a distance.

Consider Installation Obstacles

When shopping for a new air conditioner, check how much space it requires. While some machines mount into small window slots, other central-cooling machines require additional space for an external unit. It’s also a great idea to ask if the purchase cost includes installation. Since these machines typically weigh upwards of 60 lbs, plan to have help during installation if you take the DIY path.

Armed with this guide and with a little online research, you shouldn’t have any trouble staying cool with the right air conditioner.