You can turn the most simple outfit into a stunning one with a straightforward addition – accessories! Accessorizing is more than just a way to spice up your outfits – it’s about balance! Some pieces are purely ornamental, while others can be practical choices that complement and complete any outfit to make it stand out.

Here are some easy ways to select the right accessories.

Select a Signature Accessory

When you’re thinking about accessories but are feeling overwhelmed trying to decide which one piece will make a good fit, you should find one key statement piece. This is the one thing that can work with various outfits and make you feel put together and confident no matter the occasion. When you are ready to begin layering, work with one piece that can be the focus, and then add smaller pieces as you get more comfortable.

Consider Patterns and Hues

Accessories are a great way to try a print or pattern that you’ve always wanted to in a safe manner. Bold floral or animal prints, woven textures, and metallic shades of rose gold and silver are easily worked into a look with shoes, scarves, or even a belt. Vintage or on-trend, there is no wrong pattern or color here. Try and have some fun with combinations, and you might surprise yourself with stunning results.

From Duckling to Swan

The right accessories can be transformational. Whether you are going from the office to a night out with friends, you can make some simple switches and have a whole new look in minutes. Ditch the ballet flats for brocade stilettos and the studs for gold hoops, and you can take a simple black dress from office to date night in minutes.

Mix and Match

Matching sets are considered a bit old fashioned these days. Work with combinations of prints and neutrals until you get comfortable enough to mix prints like Anna Wintour herself. It isn’t impossible; it just takes patience, a bit of trial, and effort to get it right. When in doubt, use a color wheel for more combinations and ideas.

Finally, give yourself permission to unleash your inner fashionista. You never know if you’re going to start the next big trend!