Making a change to one of the most personal spaces in your home can be both exciting and challenging. Making a mistake could cost you both peace of mind and a ton of money. So before you invest in important pieces of furniture for your bedroom, consider these key points.

Whose Room Is It?

Depending on who will be occupying the room, the vibe, personality, and your choices will vary greatly. Adult, teenager, or child, finding ways to reflect their personality through space is key to getting the decor choices right.

What’s Your Style?

You could take the classic route, try something contemporary, or delicately tread the line between the two. The classic route is well defined and can include elements of floral wallpaper, four-poster beds, and plenty of decorative ornamentation. The contemporary style, on the other hand, requires more research to narrow down on what exactly you want it to feel like. While it is constantly morphing and evolving, the basics are still pretty much the same – sleek lines, clutter-free appearance, and a more modern approach to styling.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Having a budget in mind will determine a number of things, from when you can get started to what kind of personalization you can afford. The easiest way to do it is to buy a few key pieces and then keep adding on. Buying second hand is another great way to find unique pieces and spruce them up for little to nothing. If it’s a toddler’s room, you might want to pick inexpensive pieces rather than invest a lot as they will grow out of it soon.

How Big Is the Room?

Having too much or too little can be terrible for the final effect. Furniture set out in large showrooms can look tempting but might be an overload in a smaller space. Think about how you are going to install/get it into your home and also jot down the exact dimensions of your room before you set out to buy larger or custom-made pieces that are often non-refundable.

Do You Want Everything to Match?

While this might have been the trend in years gone by, unless you’re going for a very formal look, choosing different pieces that work in unison and complement both the room and your style can be the better choice.