Whether you’re prepping for a party, a wedding, or the year-end festivities, having at least one fantastic formal dress is essential. Dressing up should be fun and must make you feel fabulous, yet many of us are stumped when it comes to buying the right dress.

In the past, evening dresses were reserved for sophisticated, formal events, but that has changed with time. Today, you might need a gown for media events, office dinners, social gatherings, and more.

Here are the key things to remember when picking a fabulous evening dress:

  1. Your evening could be classy, trendy, or a great combination of both. Figure out what your style is or what kind of look you are going for before you begin. Another critical factor to consider is how formal the occasion will be and whether you’d like to stand out or blend in.
  2. Not all evening dresses need to sweep the floors. Several beautiful evening dresses hit the knee or just above the ankle – they really do not have to be floor-length. Another thing to consider is how much skin you are comfortable showing off or how appropriate it might be for the event. Once you have those answers, opting for sleeves or sleeveless, low-back, or one that shows off your decolletage becomes much more straightforward.
  3. When it comes to fabric, think of playing with rich satins, chiffons, and velvets. Narrow down your choice based on how much effort you are willing to put into upkeep, how quickly the fabric wrinkles, and what kind of embellishments or accessories you would like to pair with it.

While many of these points focus on the dress itself, your skin, body shape, and hair can also determine which dress you finally pick. Black and rich jewel tones work for most skin tones and are remarkable for exquisite events. When it comes to your physical structure, find a dress that plays to your strengths, or play it safe with V-necks and voluminous A-line skirts. Finally, as the red carpet regularly proves, you can have the most beautiful evening gown, yet the color and hairstyle you choose can make or break your final look!