Whether you call them yoga bottoms, leggings, or stretchy pants, they are the ultimate choice for anyone looking for activewear. But how do you pick the pants that are right and most comfortable for you? Keep reading for three easy ways to figure this out. 

Which Style Do You Prefer?

Today, there are as many kinds of yoga pants as there are jeans, probably even more. Capri pants end at your calf muscle while full-length pants end at your ankle. Drawstring versions can be secured with a string instead of an elastic waistband, and there are stretchy ones. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time around. Narrow down your preferences to a few kinds and start with a pair or two of each. Chances are your taste and preferences will evolve as you go along.

What Kind of Stretch Are You Looking For?

It might surprise you to know that there is more than one kind of stretch. Yoga pants are probably the most popular choice because of how comfortable it is to move in them. Try on a few different pairs of yoga pants to understand which ones you like best – this is essential. You might even find that you prefer loose-fitting instead of the more common skin tight yoga pants. 

Bend Before You Buy

Just like your favorite pair of jeans, the waist on your yoga pants can make or break the experience for you. Ultimately you want to find a pair that doesn’t ride up or bunch awkwardly in the crotch area when you get into various poses. The comfort of movement is crucial, and picking the right fabric is a big part of that. While synthetic fabrics like polyester may breathe better than cotton, they may pill faster. On the other hand, cotton fabrics will absorb moisture and make you sweat more even through gentle yoga classes. 

Finally, you should also think about your style and your body before you pick a color. While synthetic materials are mostly moisture-wicking and give you the freedom to choose any color, lighter cotton and cotton-blend fabrics will show sweat spots more easily.