Every one of us has a favorite pair of shoes that we gravitate towards most times. Yet, foot experts tell us that around 50% of people suffer from foot pain due to wearing the wrong shoes. Today, there are tons of options for people who want something comfortable and appropriate for the amount and intensity of movement they will undertake.

Read on to find out how to pick the right kind of shoes to fill your needs all year through.

Work-Ready Shoes

If your office has a dress code, picking comfortable shoes may be challenging. But, if your office rules are a little more relaxed, you might want to first find a pair of heels with a gentle slope that you can easily stand in all day. A low wide heel is best as it gives your ankle and toes more support. If you’re going for a sexy but elegant look and have to comply with a dress code, a 4-inch heel is perfectly acceptable. Choose black, brown, navy blue, or gray for a more traditional, conservative office setting. Having a pair of ballerinas made of soft, flexible material is also a great idea as they look incredibly chic and are a great alternative to heels.

Sport-Ready Shoes

When it comes to most sports, long trips, hikes, or marathon runs, your mobility and comfort are essential. Simple things like whether they are durable enough matter. Also, check if they offer enough grip and arch support and whether they are flexible and bend in the middle. More importantly, when it comes to sporty shoes, the insole’s thickness is far more important than the heel. Running shoes usually have more support built into the heel, while those meant for walking are better padded in the center.

Party-All-Night Shoes

Light shoes made of breathable materials are ideal for partying all night. Low, thin kitten heels or wedges are also a great option when you know you might not be sitting a lot but want to look great.

Whether it means select shoes for everyday wear or special occasions, we hope you now have enough information to make the right choice.