Sales Management Software helps you to streamline the entire sales process. Ask yourself these questions before purchasing sales management software — Will it be compatible with existing sales processes? Will the software vendor provide support in case a problem arises?

Get user-friendly software for your employees – one that’s less technical, offers effortless navigation and a neat layout. Here are some basic features which you should always look for

Contact Management

In every business sales department, it’s essentially people interacting with people. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good contact management system in place. Customer data should be organized in a centralized location. Various customer data like his contact number, demographic, customer service interaction can be saved and retrieved from here without much effort.

Lead Management

This helps you get a complete view of the sales activity, deals cracked till date and tasks undertaken. It also connects you to the contact management system,   providing you a full view of the customer and his interactions.


It amalgamates the huge amount of data coming from different sources in a logical way that generates patterns, trends and behavior and other such market insights.

Deals and task

These tools allow you to add, assign and track major items and add them to your business tasks. Deals and tasks get occupied by using customer data. Another way to do this is by using updated real-time information.

Campaign Management

This feature includes setting up target clients, mechanizing of work processes, and measurement of success on predefined metrics. Two of its sub-features are email management and social media management.


Most organizations want to know what the future looks like for them – the sources producing the maximum revenue, the conversion examination at each level, points where communication is not as it should be, the business response time and other such things. This knowledge is important to reinforce the entire lead management process.

Sales Order Management

This is one of the most necessary features your software should have. This ensures you are making your customer happy by delivering products on time, irrespective of their geographical location. You can incorporate this feature in your existing software or get yourself a completely different sales order management software to track the delivery process from the moment the order is placed until it is delivered to your customer.