Here are some e-commerce tools to help you get started in managing everyday tasks.


Clicky is a web analytics tool that shows system information in real time. This enables users to view refreshed information any time they want. It can also keep a track of Ajax and Flash actions, a handy tool many other analytics systems don’t offer.

GoSquared enables users to quickly and easily compare real-time revenues and sales figures referring to previous months. It also provides predictions for revenue in the future.

Product pricing

CamelCamelCamel is explicitly designed to track pricing data on Amazon. This helps third-party vendors gauge products’ sales performance by looking at history charts, price watches and price drop.

User interaction

Chalmark is a beta testing software that enables users to get an opinion on layouts prior to implementation. It provides screenshots and visual design preferences to the users, asking them what they would click on first when looking at the website.

Content management

Magento is an inventory control and content management system. It gives users the control to upload the content and functionality of their online stores. It also offers additional extensions to broaden the space for different types of tasks like entering keywords and metadata.

Cloud storage and back-up

Carbonite provides services for data backup, rapid recovery, and 24-hour access to your information from anywhere. It operates on Windows and Mac systems and its cloud backup and recovery plans are perfect for small and midsize businesses, and home offices.

Team collaboration

Pingboard creates interactive organizational charts that are shareable among co-workers. This makes keeping track of each team member’s projects easy. Team members can also access the org chart from anywhere and anytime they want.

Trello is a visual project management tool that is designed for users to drag and drop project cards into categories. Thus, indicating the advancement of projects that are assigned to other team members.

Skype is a conference call software that also has individual and group chat features. This collaboration platform provides audio calls for up to 25 people and video conference calls for an upper limit of10 people. The program can be accessed through desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Teamwork facilitates team collaboration and task management services combined with project management, billing, reporting, time logging, real-time messaging and trouble ticketing. The tool also provides a central file management system, email integration with other applications such as Google Drive.