Full-figured is not the same as curvy. Yet, these terms cause a lot of confusion for those who are voluptuous, making it a considerable challenge to buy a great bra. Read on to know the difference between full-figure and curvy body types and bras.


Full-figured doesn’t mean overweight. The term “full-figured” is used to refer to women who wear a size 12 (or larger) and have wider hips and waistlines, full breasts, and a rounded bottom. They usually have an equal distribution of body fat and weight across the body.

When it comes to lingerie, and more specifically, bras, the size of your actual breasts will determine if you’ll fit a full-figure bra or not. To be considered full-figured, you need to have at least a D cup. The cup sizes offered by brands range up to K.


Unlike full-figured shapes, the term “curvy” focuses on what most of us think of as an hourglass figure. This means the attention is on the distribution of fat and weight across specific body parts that creates curves. The most significant difference between full-figured and curvy body types is that curvy girls have much narrower waists. And since this description relies more on the shape of the body than on the cup size, you’ll fit the definition of a curvy girl as long as your waist is smaller than the breasts and hips (regardless of whether you wear a B or C cup bra).

Bras that are made for curvy women take into account larger breasts and narrower waists, so the band and cup size varies to fit those proportions.

Why Should You Know the Difference?

Both terms – full-figured and curvy – refer to very different body types that have specific needs. Despite this, many women still wear the wrong bra for their shape and size. Some bra construction is more complicated than others and may require more advanced materials to offer optimum support.

Knowing which category you fall into can truly empower you, and can help you find the right bra. Finding the right bra, in turn, can prevent or eliminate a number of aches and pains that can become permanent and troublesome later on.