Whether you’re just experimenting with recipes or you’re a pro home chef, here are some kitchen appliances that you absolutely must have.

Instant Pot

Don’t have an instant pot yet? Well, you should certainly get one. Instant pots help you pressure cook, slow cook, steam, saute, keep for warm, and a whole lot of other things. What’s more, they also help save on energy and make cooking a whole lot faster.

Food Processor

Food processors are a worthwhile investment. They make chopping, shredding, and blending a whole lot easier. Many food processors can also be used to knead dough. If you are worried about the space they’ll take up, you may want to buy a more compact model. That said, there’s really no reason to put off buying a food processor. 

Electric Kettle

If you can’t begin your day without a hot cup of tea or coffee, then this is one kitchen appliance you need to add to your home. An electric kettle can heat water to any temperature you like. And it can do that much faster than a stove. It also insulates the heat, so you can have hot water any time you want to. Apart from tea and coffee, a kettle is a multi-use appliance that can also be used to make soups, noodles, and boil pasta, among other things. 

Rice Cooker

If making fluffy steamed rice is something you haven’t perfected, you may want to invest in a rice cooker. As many home chefs might already know, rice can easily become a mushy mess if you don’t cook it right. This is the reason a rice cooker is an important appliance. It doesn’t matter what rice dish you plan to make, a rice cooker will make sure that it’s cooked to perfection every single time!

Electric Grill

Unlike traditional grills, electric grills are compact, easy-to-clean, and smoke-free! Food that’s cooked on electric grills also taste great and they’re a lot healthier as well. So, if you like grilling your meat and vegetables, you may want to invest in an electric grill.

These are a few great appliances that your kitchen could use. That said, make sure to check how much space you have available and what you have the most use, and buy your appliances accordingly.