Looking to stand out as a fashionista? Here’s the best fashion advice we’ve found:

Balance Proportions

Of course, you would want to show off what you’re proud of—toned legs or a slim waist. Downplaying less beloved parts is what is always tricky. Consider adding opposite volume, like wearing wide-leg trousers to offset a heavier upper body that’s wearing something fitted.

The objective is to even yourself out. So avoid anything too oversized or you’ll look bigger. Distraction is another thing that works well. For instance, if you’re pear-shaped, wear black pants, and then bring the focus upward with a bright or bold scarf.

Wear Trends In An Age-appropriate Way

Odds are there will be a grown-up version of the style you love. For instance, with crop tops, to avoid revealing too much skin, pair a top that hits at the navel with a high-waist skirt. The bottom line is you never want to look like you’re uncomfortable.

Wear Colors That Complement

Try to wear colors that complement one another rather than “match”. An easy trick is to look at a simple color wheel. The colors that are opposite each other on the wheel will enhance each other. Diversify your accessories, in both color and texture.

This will help in bringing out the uniqueness of your style. You could try unconventional combinations such as a black dress, navy shoes, and a burgundy handbag. And under no circumstances should you ever wear too many accessories. Don’t wear statement earrings and a necklace together. If you’re wearing a funky bold necklace, let it have all the attention and keep your ears bare. 

Show Skin Selectively

Never give people too much to look all at once. If you’re wearing a low-cut dress that focuses on the cleavage then you don’t also need bare arms and legs. The same concept applies to the fit, as well. A body-hugging dress is enhanced with a more sensible neckline and hem, whereas a skirt that is a few inches above the knee won’t raise any eyebrows if it’s flared rather than tight.

The Right Bra Makes You Look Slimmer

Where your breasts sit on your chest makes a significant difference in how clothes fit and look. If you’re wearing a bra that fits well, there will be no sagging or bulging and that would mean your silhouette will look trimmer from all angles.