Both hatchbacks and sedans are available at all price points and have options that offer excellent fuel economy too. So which one is a better option?

Hatchbacks are cars that have a rear vertically opening hatch on their squared-off rear ends that makes for a car with generous amounts of cargo space. Hatchbacks also tend to have sporty designs. They are available with three doors or five doors in small or large sizes. Hatchbacks are usually driven by new drivers, the elderly, families, younger people, adventurous drivers, those who need to transport large or bulky items in cities, and those looking for budget-friendly and fuel-efficient cars.

Sedans are typically four-door cars that have an engine bay in the front, a passenger area in the middle, and a separate lockable trunk at the rear. Its size and length can vary, but it can typically seat five adults over two rows of seats. They also have a decent amount of headroom, and some aren’t as sporty looking as hatchbacks. These cars are usually chosen by families, are preferred as company cars, or by anyone who prioritizes cabin space. Sedans usually offer more luxury and performance and are more affordable than equivalent crossovers or SUVs.

The main benefit of a hatchback is its large cargo hold. The rear seats even fold forwards to increase the amount of cargo space available significantly. Therefore, it can easily carry items that will not fit in a sedan’s trunk. The flip-up rear door makes for easy loading and unloading. Hatchback drivers can expect practicality, excellent fuel economy, and a fun driving experience from their cars. Their fastback rooflines also make them look rather sexy. The flipside of a hatchback is that the cargo area can be seen from the rear window and offers no privacy. There may also be more road noise inside the cabin.

The main benefit of a sedan is its roominess and the comfort it offers its passengers. Sedans are typically safer too. They cost less than equivalent SUVs, are more fuel-efficient, more aerodynamic, and ride and handle better. A wide range of sedans is also available, but they have limited cargo space. They also offer better value.