In case you haven’t noticed, your bathroom says as much about you as your living room or study. But oft-ignored, there are a few simple ways to give this room a chic makeover for little or nothing. Read on to find six easy ideas that show you how.

Start With Doors

While you might not always have the funds for a whole makeover, replacing the handles on your door and cupboards with prettier one is an easy task. Some of them are simple enough to screw on yourself without needing professional help. You can also change the look of the door entirely with paint and a few supplies from your hardware store.

Try A Wall Sticker

If your bathroom feels a bit boring and old, the easiest way to style it up almost instantly is  with a wall sticker. They only cost a few dollars and when used creatively can create pebbled looks to floral motifs. Add tasteful splashes of color or create intricate borders – the possibilities are endless.

Paint Your Tiles

Yes, you read that right, you don’t need to change your tiles completely. Wash your tiles first and add a sub-layer to which the paint can hold. Next head to your hardware store and pick out a fresh coat of tile paint to give your bathroom floors a second life.

Work On Some Shelves

Inexpensive and extremely useful, shelves add plenty of storage and interest to a simple set up. Measure out the dimensions, cut out waterproof wooden sheets, and install them with pretty brackets. Shelves are versatile enough to hold everything from shampoo bottles to a few plants easily.

Think About Vinyl Flooring

Adhesive vinyl sheets or linoleum is an inexpensive and trendy material if you really want a major revamp without spending a lot. There are innumerable patterns and looks that you pick from so you have enough options to pick from when you are ready to give it a try.

Spiffy Up Your Storage

Having a ton of things lying around can clutter and cramp up any space, This is why having some easy drawers or matching countertop organizers can make all the difference to getting a clean, sharp-looking bathroom in a jiffy.