Smart Plug: The Kasa Smart Wi-fi Plug from TP-Link will work well with Alexa. The plug can help you create schedules to automatically switch devices on or off to save you money. You can also manage the most power-hungry devices at home any time during the day, even when you’re not at home.

Echo Plus stand: Consider safeguarding your precious Echo Plus device with this smart wall-mounted stand. Up on the wall, it will remain out of harm’s way but will be conveniently located to hear everything you say.

Robo Vacuum: You’ve always wanted a robot to clean your home. With the Samsung CycloneForce, you finally can. It connects to the Wifi, is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, intelligently maps your home and surfaces to handle carpets, hard floors, and can pick up pet hair too.

Phone charging pad: Get this Qi-certified ultra-thin wireless charging pad to juice up your phone quickly. It is compatible with a variety of Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and most Qi-enabled devices.

Surveillance camera: Keep an eye on your home with the Larkkey Wi-Di Home Security Camera. It can connect with your Alexa-enabled device and show you footage from around the house on command. It can also function as a baby monitor.

Smart bulbs: These smart bulbs can connect via Wi-Fi to your Alexa or Google Home device to remotely switch on or off, dim, or even change color. These LEDs are also energy-efficient and will last for a long time. Their app lets you control the lights individually or create groups to control them when you’re not at home.

Smart Thermostat: The ecobee Smart Thermostat is a voice-activated and Wi-Fi enabled device with smart sensors that maintain the perfect temperature at home depending on the number of people and time of the day. It reduces energy wastage and saves you a lot of money.

Smart audio system: Stream music wirelessly around your home with the Sonos Multi-room Digital Music System Bundle. You can use the system to play different music in a different room or the same music in every room simultaneously.