As real estate gets pricier, especially in the cities, considering furniture that does more than meets the eye is essential. The market space is full of creative, double-duty furniture pieces that are versatile and stylish enough for every kind of space. It’s up to you to look at your home and your style and decide which ones make sense for you and which ones you could skip altogether. 

A Dining Table That Extends

An extendable table gives you the option to have more guests over and compress down after they leave. This way, you can have the best of your floor space and enough room to throw a dinner party when you feel like it. 

A Chair As A Bedside Table

If you only have a sliver of space right next, you might consider a chair as a night table. Besides using the back to hang a cardigan or clip on a lamp, you can use the seat and its underside to stash several things. 

Easy Ottoman Storage

A small, square ottoman can be many things, including a footrest, a mini coffee table, and an extra seat when needed. Besides, it’s the best place for all your clutter to be put away quickly.

A Headboard Room Divider With A Built-in Vanity Table

This unique design idea is perfect for people who don’t mind an unexpected approach. The headboard is placed at the center of the room with the bed on one side and the vanity on the other. Perfect for bedrooms that don’t have a walk-in-closet but want the same feel. 

All-in-one Study Desk And Bookshelf

Ideal for small rooms, this idea has a bookcase on the back and a desk on the other side. The little cabinet makes room for books without making your room feel claustrophobic.

Fold Up Wall Bed

More commonly known as a Murphy or wall bed, the heavy-duty hinges on this kind of bed allow you to fold it into the wall, leaving floor space for a lounger or a small chair even in a small room. 

Ultimately, whichever of these you choose, you want pieces that function cleverly in multiple ways and make your home look great.