Sudden illnesses like heart disease and strokes can become costly, and a good health insurance plan is essential to offset the financial burden of it. Here are some of the benefits of signing up for health insurance.

Protection from high medical costs

Hospitalization for any illness can be a costly affair, and an unexpected illness could easily lead to bankruptcy. Health insurance helps pay for many medical procedures and services that you would have to otherwise pay for out-of-pocket. Insurers typically negotiate better deals with healthcare providers, and you could pay discounted rates for services availed at hospitals within the network.

Free preventive care

Many health insurance providers offer you the option of free preventive health services without copayment or coinsurance. These services could include:

  • Vaccines and immunizations
  • Check-ups
  • Screenings for diseases
  • Counseling

Essential health coverage

While health insurance coverage varies depending on the insurer, most good insurance provides these essential benefits.

  • Emergency services. Insurance companies cover the cost of emergency medical care even at hospitals outside the insurer’s network.
  • Hospitalization and surgery costs. Depending on your plan, health insurance covers the costs of hospitalization and certain surgeries.
  • Prescription drugs. Some insurance plans cover the cost of prescription drugs at a higher premium.
  • Laboratory services. These include costs related to testing and screenings as required by an approved doctor.
  • Outpatient care. Ambulatory patient care is the medical care you receive without being admitted to a hospital.
  • Pediatric health. Several insurers offer vision and oral care cover for children.

Maternity and pregnancy-related services. Insurers can cover costs relating to pregnancy, depending on the plan you choose.

  • Contraception methods. A comprehensive medical insurance plan should also offer coverage for birth control, which includes the cost of contraception and counseling if prescribed by a healthcare provider.
  • Dental and Vision. While some insurers cover you for dental and vision services by charging a single premium, others could require you to purchase a standalone dental or vision plan.

With the right health insurance plan in place, you are more likely to get the proper medical care that you need while living a healthy life. Though high premiums may not appeal to you, health insurance is an investment in your future, so choose wisely.